What clients have to say!

"Initially I was intimidated and worried about the cost of hiring an architect. Kristen was easy to communicate with, set timelines, and followed through with expectations set throughout the process. I liked the collaboration piece. Being able to see my wishlist come to fruition was awesome. I loved seeing the plans drawn out based on our conversation in the beginning, followed by the final product. Her input and suggestions to enhance our vision was awesome. Her services were well worth every penny. Kristen’s communication and delivery of our vision made the whole process easier. We could not be happier with the addition she helped us design, we still say it out loud all the time!"
- Kendra, Weymouth Addition

"We did not have any hesitation with hiring an architect. We knew we needed someone to help us with an accessible (ADA) design.

We are very satisfied with the results of hiring Kristen as our architect! It was extremely easy to connect and she was always available when we had an idea or a question. We felt like it was also really easy to connect with her on a personal level, as her genuine and kind personality never wavered. It was always so easy to talk, like old friends. Additionally, we felt connected to Kristen, because after just a few short conversations, she was able to extrapolate ideas that were exactly what we couldn’t put into words. We were amazed at how she was able to take our conversations and transform it into a 2D product. Having that intuitiveness and that ability became very clear to us why we wanted our architect to be Kristen.

Her ability to take abstract verbiage and conversation, and turn it into 3D spaces was amazing to see. It made the process even fun! Additionally, it was easy to see just how much she cared and how much she wanted to “get it right.” Kristen was fully vested with us and in the final product from beginning to end.

I enjoyed our meetings when we looked over the ideas in the various planning stages and putting all of it together. Each time, the abstract idea of a house became more and more of a home.

We would 100% recommend Kristen to others and already have! We know that what people want is someone with the positivity she brings to projects and the ability to translate random thoughts from conversations, into spaces that work.

With an accessible (ADA) plan, there are a million factors to consider. Not only was Kristen extremely knowledgeable about all of the specifications and compliance standards (to the point that we never had to worry about it ourselves, which is such a change from our day to day worries), but she had many additional ideas to make our home as comfortable and universal as possible. Maybe most importantly, never once did she say that one of our ideas, accessible or not, was impossible or couldn’t be worked through to be part of our plan."
- Bob and Stacie, Norwell New House

"We always wanted to use an architect for our project, since they are trained professionals! We are very happy with the design and her input. Kristen provided viewpoints that we had not considered. Kristen was easy to talk to; she listened to our wishes and was realistic about the possibilities within our budget. Overall she made us feel at ease with the whole project. The design phase was our favorite. Seeing our ideas and thoughts on paper was a lot of fun and very exciting! We recommend hiring Kristen as your Architect! We think that her ability to listen and work with someone to realize their vision mixed with her style is great. If we would do another project ourselves, Kristen would be the first one we called."
- Hans and Jenna, Hanover Addition